Manufacturers' Marketing Consultancy

Our services

Marketing consultancy for manufacturers
We offer a turnkey consultancy service focused on product development, strategic business planning and marketing and communications programs for the natural products industry. We have a unique knowledge of the Québec marketplace and we are recognised for our innovative approach.

Our services in detail:
manu 2• Strategic planning
• Market Research: industry analysis, review of competition
• New product development: formulation design, label and packaging design
• New product launch
• Regulatory affairs: compliance requirements
• PR, publicity and presentation of company profile
• Sales support: product literature, brochures, sales training
• Advertising, promotions and products knowledge seminars
• Newsletter copywriting and design
• Gathering and disseminating market intelligence

Our Experience :
Our consultants have experience in sales, marketing, distribution and product development. Our senior
consultant holds a B.Sc. in Biology and a thorough knowledge of nutrition and naturopathy. He has attended
over 70 international natural products trade shows and exhibitions and has traded with the following territories: United States, Canada, Mexico, UK, Poland, Czech Republic,Taiwan and Japan. His 21 years experience working with the various distribution channels of health supplements has brought him an in-depth understanding of the natural products industry.

In addition, our experience includes:
• Managing accounts and dealing with a wide variety of distribution channels such as: health food store
market, mass market,multi-level marketing, health professionals and distributors.
• Representing a dietary supplement company and calling upon retailers
• Managing a retail outlet
• Public relations spokesperson