Business Development

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We will objectively examine all the aspects of your business. We will develop athorough understanding of your aspirations, your products and their applications. In this process of global strategic planning for your business, we undertake the following tasks:

Identify the mission of your business, determine your short, medium andlong term objectives and ensure organizational synergy.
Write yourstrategic development plan.


Our business entrepreneurial coaching service includes operationnal support and continued assistance based on your administrative decisions and your prioritization, ensuringclarity of action and balance.

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Business Development explained

1. The diagnosis of the company

The purpose of a business diagnosis isto properly define the perceived challenges and to guide you to the solution. The diagnosis aims to also do a complete review of the firm's activitiesand human resources, to review and evaluate the company's performance. In summary, this studyincludes an assessment of past, present andfuture business operations, of strengths and weaknesses and areas where improvement can be implemented.


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The basic approach is to makea dynamic and comprehensive review of thecompany's business and marketplace environment, its objectives, activities, resources and results.


Bydynamic, we meana review of keyresults and events during the life of the company, a review offuture trends as reflected in existing plans or proposed by the consultant. In carrying out an analysis in this way, for example, a current strength can be of little benefits in present market conditions, whereas a new weekness, albeit hidden, can pose a threat for the future. The consultant is looking out for future opportunities for the company, his analysis must focus on these opportunities.


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