Video Production

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We offer a full range video service for promotionnal, educationnal, training and documentary videos:


• Conference Filming
• Video yoga, tai chi, Pilates, fitness, etc..
• Distance learning via the Internet: webinars, conferences, courses, classes, workshops.
• Music Concert filming 'new age', devotional and 'world music'
• Post-production editing
• Special Effects

• Original music and soundtracks
• Special effects
• 3D Animation
• Translation (subtitles or narration)

• From script to post production

A) Promotional
To explain or to sell your products or services on: a) Your website b) YouTube, Vimeo and other c) to put on social networks.
- Very cost-effective method to reach interested people worldwide.
Here is a sample video produced by our company:

B) How to use the fonctionnalities on your website; for your staff, for your customers and visitors
Example; on our site, in French

C) Training Videos
- For distance learning or for your staff training.


All the above can be delivered or distributed in the following ways:
- broadcasted/streamed

- downloaded from the Internet

- on your internal server network

- on your PC

- on DVD.


Youtube Campaign Promotions
- Improve keywords
- Improve description and call to action for sales
- Get likes and subscribers
- Embed videos on other sites & more


Video production explained


Video production, or videography, is the art and service of producing a finished video product to a customer's requirement and consumption.


The video production industry creates videos for a wide range of demands, from safety videos for use in corporate environments to medical training videos for use in teaching. An example of a more everyday application is the wedding video.


A video production company takes a brief, produces a script, liaises with the customer and puts a production team together. This often includes experts ranging from camera staff to make-up artists. The film is shot and initial footage is put on broadcast quality tapes, edited and presented to the customer in a draft — or "guide" — form. Sound tracks, visual effects etc. are added in and the final video is presented to the customer.




With the increasing use of video in a wide range of commercial and government functions, and the increased access modern customers have to viewing video on a range of new devices, video production is a fast growing industry.