Introduction to marketing

Marketing is generally the most important aspect of any business after the quality of the productsand services. Normally entrepreneurs are primarilymotivated and concerned about the design and delivry or manfacturing of their products or services. Unfortunately, they often neglect the marketing aspect more than any otheraspect of business, mainly due to lack of knowledge and thus, jeopardizethe success oftheir business.

The most common cause of business failures reported in most studies are due to alack of investment in marketing (budget, initiatives), or due to a poor management of this function.

Inmost businesses, managersare seduced bythe many opportunities to place advertising bymedias who solicit them. Such an approach results in disparate initiativesthat are unprofitableand without tangible return on investment.


MArketingWhat is marketing?

Marketing is a major business discipline with a large number of activities divided into several components, including:
Sales andRepresentation
Customer Service
Public Relations and Media Relations
Multimedia Production

At Communion Marketing, we offer support coveringall aspects of marketing. It should be noted, that we do not ourselves selland distribute for our customers, we do however offer you, for these functions, consulting servicesand expert training. The aspect of marketingwhich excludes the sale and distributionis commonly called "marketing communications".


Marketing communications is an imprecise science that is constantly changing, but for which, we cannot do without if we wantto succeed - it is an art in constant evolution. A company's marketing programs and initiativesmust be developed and refined over a period of time according to marketing tracking feedback and established timetables. The impact of marketing communications are cumulativeand typically are not felt overnight. We must gradually improve all marketing activities until all aspects are optimized- from prodct design and promotionsto after sales service. Furthermoreit is important thatstrategic plan is dynamic and that it adapts to external circumstances that influence the field of business it is in.


How to determine the Marketing Communication's budget?

Depending on a company's sector of activity and its size, it must spend on average between 10 and 20% of its total annual budget on MarketingCommunications. And that amount, about 10% should be allocatedto marketing planning. However, if no marketing plan already exists for the business, about 25% of the total budget should be allocated forthe first year.


What is the importance of business dévelopment and marketing communication's  planning?

2 bus men talking

It is an essential part of good overall business management because is this activity that, by and large, drives sales. It is often due to the absence of this vital aspect of the business that we attribute most business failures. Our first challenge is to make our customers aware and convinced them of the importance of this part of their strategic management plan. It is necessary to establish a global plan for a period of three to five years, and in more detail, for the first year. This will be the foundation of all marketing activities.

Only a commitment to a strategic marketing program, that will create cumulative waves of promotional visibility, can ensure a good return on the investment.

It is therefore highly recommended for all businesses to call upon the services of a marketing consultants as early on as possible so that the business can evolve intelligently and thus maximise the success of your business.

What is the importance of a commitment?

At Communion, we aim to develop a long-term partnership with our customers. So that we may accompany you through all phases of a promotional campaign, from marketing planning to tracking, we favor companies that are willing to commit for a minimum period of one year. During this period, it is important for us to be involved in all the stages of the marketing process and to design all the relevant communication tools in order to maximize the success of all campaigns.


What are the advantages of using our "turnkey" services?

Using the marketing plan that we designed together, we will make sure to maintain consistency, continuity and integrity between all elements of the communication tools. Unlike a graphic designer who works out of context and without sufficient knowledge of this field, our team will intrinsically integrate the principles and directions set out in your marketing plan. Our designers are all familiar with natural products and wellness services : they know how to interpret images, symbols, colors and vocabulary associated with this perticular domain.

Copywriting and translation

Anyone can manage to write text, but professionnal business writing is an art and a science that is very demanding and difficult to master. Elegant writing is demanding, but it is still harder to write a text that is well structured, clear, convincing and attractive. Communion provides this expertise through copywriting, text improvements and corrections.


How to get the most from our consulting services?

It is very important and more economical for the customer to write the first drafts of texts to the best of his abilities, calling on the people in their entourage to help. Get started promptly because these early versions of your texts are generally those that take longest to conceive and can be quite costly. It is essential to gather feedback on the accessibility and quality of these texts by having them read by many people familiar and unfamiliar by the subjects at hand. Communication Marketing will ensures that the texts have all the desired elements, that it is well structured and the text is effective. It is also very important that the client begin gathering images that are relevant to his products and services. In addition, consider which team member could be assigned to research, sell and administer tasks related to marketing activites.