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ScreenshotFeatures: generic
- Display multiple events
- Events Calendar
- Event Details Page
- Possible sale of kiosks, advertising, sponsorships with Jticketing
- Ticket sales
--- Multiple variations (prices, features, packages) of tickets possible
--- Production of printable tickets with smartphone version, IOS and Android
------ QR code on tickets
------ Tickets sent by email
--- With a smartphone application; you can scan the tickets of people who come to the event for admission processing
--- Transaction by PayPal or multiple other Payment Gateway
--- Sales administration Console: flexible very elaborate
--- List of participants
--- Scheduled emails or SMS sent to participants
----- Send e-mails manually as needed
--- Various email templates available
--- Console for the design of tickets
--- Discount coupon option
- Displays a calendar of multiple scheduled conferences
--- Displays a speaker profile with contact information if desired
--- Displays a detailed description of the conference
- Multiple stats available
- Sharing buttons for social media
- "Adobe Connect" plugin for JTicketing can be used to create online events.
- Events display module with many categories, event type sort, filters, ordering options and quick search.
- Express checkout, guest checkout and silent registration
- Google Maps integration
- Venue list manager
- Event owner specific commissions

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Can work alone or can be integrated to the JomSocial>>> directory (business or individual), which allows members to post events, such as training, conference, conference, lounge, shop and allow you to make a commission on ticket sales for events.

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