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We are Web Architects specializing in holistic / natural wellness directories & complex web portals. This enables us to better advise you on concepts, language and content targeted for audiences in the wellness industry

We will recommend various softwares/app that will help you earn additional income and increase the efficiency of many of your business and website processes, with great flexibility to adapt to the specific needs of your business.

We are marketing consultants so therefore we always take a marketing sell-ability perspective when helping you configure these applications and advising you how best to use them. you will not get this from 95% of IT firms and web design firms

Unlike the majority of IT firms, who tend to only do what you asked them, we always take the proactive approach of asking a multitude of questions to see what could help you achieve more sales and make your processes more efficient. We put our 2 feet in your shoes and think for you wherever there is a potential benefit for you.

You will be amazed at how many innovative ways exist to increase conversion rate and to bring new clients to a business like yours.

The expertise required for the below mentioned software is not available in every city, so more than likely you will have to work remotely with a supplier. We have developed the tools to do this effectively with;
- Skype audio and video, text messaging and screen sharing and sending files
- Phone; we have unlimited calls to French-speaking Europe
- Training by Skype and video online
- TeamViewer: access the smiles and the keyboard of another computer, if necessary.

Note, there is no sales tax for all customers outside Canada. For Europeans, it's a 20% savings, not to mention that our labor rates are generally lower than those of Europe. Currant exchange rates are also beneficial for those paying with USD or Euros.

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Overview of services

• New web site design

• Update of website, templates, component, pluggins, addons, extensions, widgets

• Transfer of website to a different server

• Improve page loading time of website

• Set-up and update servers: VPS, cloud, dedicated, etc.

• Set-up Email server for large lists and frequent broadcasters

• Web Marketing services: see here

• Website and server monthly maintenance & monitoring packages

• Website and server security including fixing site that are hacked: SSL, firewalls, etc..

Content management systems (manage your own content)

• Content management systems we are experienced in working for many years include : Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, Shopify, etc.

• We can also help you configure cloud systems like: WIX, Square and most others.

• HTML5, Flash, Java, Ajax,, PHP & more


Basic features available:

• Smartphone/mobile ready

• Tablet ready

• Parallax web design

• Slideshows

• Video streaming,

• Podcast display and play

• Forum with multiple functionalities 

• Article and blogs

• Email newsletter subscribing

• Email newsletter broadcasting form your website or seperate service/server

• Web distant learning: online courses/workshops/training

• Photo gallery with slideshow

• Preparation for search engines: page title, description, keywords, picture names will be integrated

• Privacy policy, terms and conditions, GDPL, etc


This is just a "basics" list, many other options exist, contact us for details


Examples of sites we have designed, click here >>>


Content Management Systems Explained


Once the website is setup, and the customers start rolling in, you will want to make ongoing changes. These could be very small, such as changing a phone number, or adding a news item. New products, or shifts in business direction, will necessitate larger updates to the site. Chances are, though, you will still be happy with the design, and it’s just the text that needs to be changed.

While the web design house did a great job, you don’t want to have to go back to them for every change. A hundred small changes in a year will leave you both frustrated, and is not economic for either party.

This is where a content management system (CMS) comes in. Sitting behind the scenes, it gives you the ability to maintain your own site. No website larger than a few pages should be without a CMS to manage it. A content management system is a software package specifically designed to manage a website. It is installed by the web designers, but intended to be used by you.

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