Wellness & Retreat Center Promotions: workshops, training, wellness holidays

- - Strategic marketing planning
- - Cross marketing partnerships
- - New revenue source identification
- - Website architecture and design
- - Process automation : direct on-line purchases & content submission, auto-responders and much more
- - Sales videos
- - Tutorial videos; for clients, visitors and staff

We specialize in helping center & retreat organizers promote their events to the public at large, with the best methods and tools technology has to offer. We are one of very few such agencies worldwide with expertise in this field. We are experts at developing non-conventional, out-of-the-box marketing programs and initiatives for Retreat Centres that only a firm specialized in this field can provide. We are also Web Architects with the knowledge to optimize your website with all the functionalities to maximize sales and automation of bookings.

Our director, Raymond Morris, worked at the largest wellness centre in the US for 2 1/2 years, the Kripalu Yoga and Health Centre (kripalu.org), as marketing manager. With our 25 years of experience, we know this industry inside out.


Below you will find links to potential components for your website, that would provide you with new revenues & automation.

Event Calendar & Bookings: Your events or clients events for a fee or keep a percentage of ticket sales


Appointment Booking for therapy sessions: Use for online booking and internal management of rooms and therapists


Online Courses / Distance learning: Yours courses or your clients courses where keep a percentage of sales



This is just a small but significant sample of potential new functionalities or revenue sources for your retreat Centre, just a teaser.

 Recent related testimonial

We recently hired Raymond Morris from Communion Marketing to help develop our spiritual retreat business in Nepal. We are still in the early phases of our business and with the small available budget we had for consultancy, Raymond was able to provide us with many new insights on how to cost-effectively promote our retreats to the public at large. He is very knowledgeable about the whole structure of the industry out there and was able to refer us to many very useful networks. We will definitely use him again once are budget allows it.

Alexandre D’Artois