Marketing (Summary)

Our Services

We will develop a marketing strategy organized by short, medium, and long term goals, per your business objectives. To implement the marketing strategy, we will determine the steps, the cost, and the benefits of each option, and put in place the tools to measure the results. We will explore ways to improve your products and how they are presented and delivered to customers. In addition we will help you grow your distribution network.

Creating the Marketing Plan

• Establish the plan, its objectives, the target markets, the theme, the schedule, the tasks, and the budget.

• Define the media tools and plan their production.

Market Research and Customer Retention Plan

• Carry out a customer satisfaction study to ascertain the perceived performance of all aspects of your products and how they are delivered and rectify all weaknesses.

• Develop a customer retention strategy.

• Execute market research studies and feasibility studies of proposed projects.

Amelioration & Design of Products / Services

• Improve your products and services

• Research and select new ideas, develop the product and do a feasibility study

• Establish a quality control system.


• Optimize the existing distribution network.

• Prospect new territories and identify new markets and partners.

Training Your Representatives

• Develop a training program for your representatives in sales techniques, finding and retaining customers.

Sponsorship, Endorsement and Strategic Alliance

• Identify and establish complementary partnerships to create initiative that are mutually beneficial.

Marketing Tracking

• Through a questionnaire filled out by clients and employees we will collect the information necessary to analyze the efficacy and profitability of the various communication initiatives.